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Azizi Life Experience – Best of Rwanda Cultural Safari

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rwanda-aziz-experienceThe Azizi life experience is probably the most attractive tourism activity on a Rwanda Cultural Safari and if you want to send some time with the locals, then this is one of the activities that you need to engage in. Rwanda has very rich cultures and a cultural tour is the best way you can get to experience of this and you will for sure enjoy the trip because these are very friendly people who will welcome you with open arms. They willing happily walk you through and also demonstrate how they live that traditions life style which involves a lot of the music, dances and drama, there are lots of  delicious tradition dishes as you will see them, you learn about their farming methods and so many other experiences you will go through if you have enough time.   (more…)

The Rwanda Gorilla Groups and How Long It Takes To Track Each

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rwanda-gorillas-trackingVolcanoes National Park found in Rwanda shelters ten groups of Habituated Mountain Gorilla Groups which can be tracked during your Rwanda Gorilla Safari. And because ten people are allowed to visit each group per day, so 80 visitors can track gorillas each day

Because each of these groups lives in different parts of the Volcanoes park, some being very steep and others gently sloping, we recommend that when choosing which group to track you do so basing on your personal physical fitness.

Below we have briefly talked about the different habituated mountain gorilla groups found in Rwanda.   (more…)

Uganda Gorilla Trekking Safari the Leading Source of Foreign Exchange

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bwindi-mountain-gorillas2A typical Mountain gorilla trekking safari in Uganda will take you to either the gorillas forests of Bwindi or Mgahinga National park both located in southwestern part of the country. you will get an opportunity to trek through the forested think jungles ascend the hilly terrain and descend the verdant valleys as you search for these critically endangered great apes – the mountain gorillas on your Safari in Uganda.

To several people, this wildlife encounter is a mark to the path towards the reunion of man and his ancestors. This is a lifetime journey to uncovering and adventuring into the natural wilderness which the gorillas consider their natural habitat. (more…)

Honeymoon Safari in Kenya

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Honeymoon-safari-kenyaFor those newlyweds planning to travel down to Africa for their Honeymoon, a honeymoon in Kenya is a perfect thing to do. While on your honeymoon here, you will spend one or two weeks on the beautiful breezy shores of the Indian Ocean in Zanzibar or in Mombasa. You will explore the amazing wildlife of Kenya in the National Parks and then head to the coast to see the beautiful marine-life of Kenya.

The Kenyan coast has more than 300 miles of beautiful sand beaches offering breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean. Along its coast, as you walk hand in hand with your loved one, you will be able to unveil Kenya’s oldest urban towns and a number of the ancient influences are visible along the vintage street in the Old Portuguese Fort. (more…)

Kenya Family Safari A Great Way to Spend Your Holiday

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Kenya_Family-Safari1Many people planning to take a holiday ask whether it is safe to take their entire family including children on a Kenya Safari; however Yes is the answer. The country is very safe. Kenya Family Safaris are not only adventurous but educative, fun and offer a great opportunity for family bonding offering you a very memorable holiday experience.

In Kenya, children of 2 years and above are allowed to be part of a Safari in Kenya. The thrilling Game drives, playing in the swimming pools at your lodge or tented camp in addition to several other interesting activities for children will all keep the kids busy. (more…)

Visit Rwanda’s famous Ibyiwacu village | Rwanda Safari

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Ibyiwacu-cultural-experienceIbyiwacu is the most visited cultural village in Rwanda; it’s located close to Volcanoes national park in Musanze district. Through cultural village visits, community development services are offered to the locals to help them improve on their livelihoods. Most of these people are reformed poachers who very much need conservation incentives.

The visit to this village gives you the chance to meet the locals from their own homes and while there, you will have the taste of whatever they have to offer in terms of cultures and the traditional life style. These are generally warm people, very welcoming and they will definitely be willing to walk you through their cultures and beliefs so definitely it will be a very rewarding adventure. (more…)

Masai Mara Wildebeest Migration | Kenya Safari

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wildebeest-migration-masai-maraThe Masai Mara national wildlife reserve is found in Southwestern Kenya, about 290km from Nairobi. The area has a very high number of different wild animals and it is not only the best places to enjoy a Safari in Kenya but also one of Africa’s leading tourist destinations.

Considered as another wonder in the world, the Wildebeest migration which takes place in this reserve is among the top reasons why millions and millions of tourists travel from all parts of the world simply to see this amazing wonder. (more…)

The Hot Air Balloon Safari in Masai Mara | Kenya Safari

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hot-air-balloon-safariA balloon Safari is one of the unique ways of seeing wildlife on your Safari in Kenya. During this amazing experience you can close your eyes and feel you body free raise as you ascend from the ground into the air where the balloon will be soaring. It is because of the uniqueness of this experience that many holidaymakers prefer to visit the Masai Mara.

This safari starts with your waking up very early back at your safari lodge or other preferred accommodation. The excitement and thoughts of you flying in a balloon and seeing different animals from an elevated point will certainly cross your mind. After freshening up, you will have a cup of fresh coffee or tea. (more…)

Why Take a Holiday in Kenya | Kenya Safari

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KENYA-wildlifeThe word ‘safari’ actually originated from Kenya from the Swahili language; this word actually means ‘starting a journey’ thus Safari in Kenya. Ever since the 1920’s when early explore Earnest Hemingway traveled to Kenya’s very large savannah plains and even when President Roosevelt visited Kenya to hunt lions, Kenya has continued to maintain its attraction bringing in millions of lovers of wildlife each year. Besides the wildlife, this country is gifted with attractive highland scenery, beautiful lakes, verdant mountains, several wildlife species living in the large plains and above all one of the most beautiful coastlines on the planet. The notable friendliness of the people of Kenya makes a Safari in Kenya a very memorable holiday experience and safari destination for individual travelers, couples on honeymoon, friends and families. (more…)

Nature Walks and Wildlife Watching in Mukura Forest | Rwanda Safari

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vervet-monkeys-rwandaMukura forest is among the few remaining Afro- mountain forest in Rwanda. It is located in the western of Rwanda and it is a reliable natural source that serves the great lakes areas as well as the international society. This forest is just 3 hours from Kigali and was once part of Gishwati and Nyungwe forest before it became an independent forest reserve in 1951 covering a space of about 30000 hectares. Unfortunately almost 50% of this forest has been cleared by people searching land for their human activities and this has led to the loss of great biodiversity. (more…)