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AA Safaris and Tours listing with + GIVEAWAY!!!

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Dear fellow adventurers!  We are happy to announce that our 14-Day Uganda and Rwanda Safaris Tour has been selected as an Unordinary Trip of the Month by, the #1 travel portal on the Internet dedicated to the out-of-ordinary adventures and special interest vacations.  Indeed, this is a unique tour to a unique part of Africa, and we’re thrilled to have it highlighted this way, inviting more adventurers to visit and enjoy the delights of African Safaris.

In connection with this, we are happy to offer our guests a special prize!  Any of you who book the above tour before October 30, 2017 may be eligible for a very special prize from InfoHub’s sister-company GPSmyCity – publisher of travel apps for Apple and Android.  The GPSmyCity app features offline city maps, self-guided walking tours and travel articles for 1,000 cities worldwide, using which you can turn your mobile into a personal tour guide.  With this app you can explore any major urban destination in Africa or elsewhere in the world on your own, at your own pace.  The GPSmyCity app works offline so there’s NO need to worry about roaming charges when traveling abroad.


What to do around Rwenzori Mountain in Uganda

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Apart from the hiking Rwenzori Mountain to Magherita trek, there are a number of other activities that one can take on. However before we advise you about these activities. Allow us to give you a brief on about Rwenzori mountains for those who do not know anything about them.

Rwenzori HikeThe Rwenzori Mountain is in the south western part of Uganda in Kasese district and its Uganda’s highest and the only snow capped mountain which can be visited during our Uganda adventure tours. It has a number of summits which include the Mount Stanley with the highest peak on this being the Margherita peak lying at 5,109m high, there is Mount Speke lying 4,890m high, then Mount Baker follows at 4,843m high, then followed by Mount Emin lying at 4,798m high and then Mount Gessi lying at 4,715m high and the shortest being Mount Luigi di Savoia which lies at 4,627m high. (more…)

2017 gorilla trekking guidelines in Rwanda

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adult-mountain-gorillaThe republic of Rwanda is among the 3 countries in the world where you can see the endangered mountain gorillas in their natural habitat. Rwanda gorilla trekking tours are best described as an unmatched life changing wildlife experience. It is estimated that there are less than 900 mountain gorillas remaining in the universe so having an opportunity to come face to face with these giants will certainly be a great opportunity.

In Rwanda, these gorillas live on the slopes of the verdant Virunga Mountains within Volcanoes National Park especially in the bamboo areas. During this exciting activity, you will be led by experienced tracker-guides up the steep mountain forests in search of them. When you find them you will spend about 60 minutes observing them go about their day to day activities.

Gorilla trekking hikes take between 30 minutes to over four hours depending on which gorilla group you will be trekking and where they are located. Although the trek back to the starting point takes the same duration, you will not feel journey after the excitement of seeing the gorillas. (more…)

Elephants population in Selous reserve Tanzania threatened- Here are the reasons why.

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selous game reserveAccording to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) the number of elephants living in Selous national park found in Tanzania might completely be depleted in the next five years if poaching as well as mining is not immediately controlled.

The large Selous national park, listed among the Heritage sites in the world is found in the southern part Tanzania, previously it a mighty strong hold of elephants and one of the best places to see them while on safari in Tanzania. However, sad to say today is that since the 1970s, it’s estimated that about 2,000 elephants are killed each year and today the elephant population has reached critical numbers according to the last census conducted with approximately 15,000 only remaining in this reserve.


Visit Gisenyi’s beautiful hot springs

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Rwanda-hotspringsThere are 3 different hot springs in the area and so you can choose to visit one of them on your Rwanda cultural tour since they are similarly interesting places to visit. They include Nyamyumba hot spring which is located 7km away from the Gisenyi town along the route to Kigufi. It is a very fascinating place to visit and attracts so many people more so the locals who believe that this water has got various healing powers and all you need to do is take a birth in this water. (more…)

What to know about the Virunga Mountains

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virunga-mountainsVirunga Mountains are actually a chain of volcanoes found in East Africa shared by DR.Congo, Rwanda and Uganda. They are sometimes called the Mufumbiro Mountains running perpendicular to famous rift valley where Lake Edward and Lake Kivu lie.

There are 8 Volcanoes Mountains in this chain, 6 of these are the center but dormant. Mikeno located in Congo and Sabyinyo are the oldest, they have disappeared craters and jagged relief as a result of erosion.  Later on during the Pleistocene which is between 900,000 to 130,000 years back, Karisimbi, Muhabura, Visoke and Mgahinga were formed. (more…)

Meet the Beautiful Olive Baboon of Nyungwe Forest Rwanda

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olive-baboons-NyungweOlive baboons some of the best tourist attraction on a Rwanda Primate Safari are also referred to as the Anubis baboon and it belongs to the world’s old monkey family called the cercopithecidae and this is the biggest specie of baboons. Olive baboons are usually found in about 25 countries in Africa more so in the countries with forested areas like Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, there are lots of these monkeys in Mali, Ethiopia and other mountainous areas of the Sahara. They are called the olive monkeys because their coat color. (more…)

Azizi Life Experience – Best of Rwanda Cultural Safari

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rwanda-aziz-experienceThe Azizi life experience is probably the most attractive tourism activity on a Rwanda Cultural Safari and if you want to send some time with the locals, then this is one of the activities that you need to engage in. Rwanda has very rich cultures and a cultural tour is the best way you can get to experience of this and you will for sure enjoy the trip because these are very friendly people who will welcome you with open arms. They willing happily walk you through and also demonstrate how they live that traditions life style which involves a lot of the music, dances and drama, there are lots of  delicious tradition dishes as you will see them, you learn about their farming methods and so many other experiences you will go through if you have enough time.   (more…)

The Rwanda Gorilla Groups and How Long It Takes To Track Each

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rwanda-gorillas-trackingVolcanoes National Park found in Rwanda shelters ten groups of Habituated Mountain Gorilla Groups which can be tracked during your Rwanda Gorilla Safari. And because ten people are allowed to visit each group per day, so 80 visitors can track gorillas each day

Because each of these groups lives in different parts of the Volcanoes park, some being very steep and others gently sloping, we recommend that when choosing which group to track you do so basing on your personal physical fitness.

Below we have briefly talked about the different habituated mountain gorilla groups found in Rwanda.   (more…)

Uganda Gorilla Trekking Safari the Leading Source of Foreign Exchange

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bwindi-mountain-gorillas2A typical Mountain gorilla trekking safari in Uganda will take you to either the gorillas forests of Bwindi or Mgahinga National park both located in southwestern part of the country. you will get an opportunity to trek through the forested think jungles ascend the hilly terrain and descend the verdant valleys as you search for these critically endangered great apes – the mountain gorillas on your Safari in Uganda.

To several people, this wildlife encounter is a mark to the path towards the reunion of man and his ancestors. This is a lifetime journey to uncovering and adventuring into the natural wilderness which the gorillas consider their natural habitat. (more…)