What to do around Rwenzori Mountain in Uganda

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Apart from the hiking Rwenzori Mountain to Magherita trek, there are a number of other activities that one can take on. However before we advise you about these activities. Allow us to give you a brief on about Rwenzori mountains for those who do not know anything about them.

Rwenzori HikeThe Rwenzori Mountain is in the south western part of Uganda in Kasese district and its Uganda’s highest and the only snow capped mountain which can be visited during our Uganda adventure tours. It has a number of summits which include the Mount Stanley with the highest peak on this being the Margherita peak lying at 5,109m high, there is Mount Speke lying 4,890m high, then Mount Baker follows at 4,843m high, then followed by Mount Emin lying at 4,798m high and then Mount Gessi lying at 4,715m high and the shortest being Mount Luigi di Savoia which lies at 4,627m high.

The most selling tourists activity in this region is Rwenzori mountain hiking and attracts hundreds of hikers every year and usually, after a long and strenuous hike, some would like to go for a cultural tour in the neighboring communities.

The Exciting Cultural Village Tour

Enjoy the Ruboni Cultural Visit which takes you through the Bakonzo community just outside of the Rwenzori Mountain. These people live along the slopes of the mountain and the smaller hills that surround Mountain Rwenzori. Bakonzo live a basic kind of life people, they are culturally Hunters which is why they prefer mountainous-forested areas and are also very polygamous. A village walk through these communities gives you the chance to witness and learn more about the locals that live around this place. This will be a guided walk with the help of a well trained local guide.

The Ruboni Village tour entails activities like meeting local medicine people(men), there are those story teller that tell cultural legends, the local healers who keep the locals alive ,there are the black smith, the craft makers and may also meet the farmers while their gardens. For entertainment, the Bakonzo Cultural dancers will perform for you from their homes when you visit some of their Home Stead. While there, they will walk you through their daily activities for example there is farming, they have to go fetch water and carry the jerycans on their back supported by a rope around the heads. They also have to cook for their families. You can always participate in their day-today work which means you need to have a whole day for a village tour.

Go Hill Climbing and Forest ad nature walksWalk

This is a simple hike to Nyambuku hill top which is 2400m high. This is a spot from where you can clearly see Rwenzori’s snow capped Margarita peak if it’s a clear day. At the top of the hill is a provision for camping, it is very safe for camping and so you can always spend a night at the top if you wish to and it’s at an affordable price.

While at the top, you can go for a forest walk. This forest walk trail goes around Buraro hill therefore it is some kind of forest hike as it takes you as high as 1500m high. This walk takes about 3-4hrs depending on how fit you are and it is also a guided walk.
Bird watching is just a bonus in this case. There are lots of bird species but the common types include the bee-eater sunbirds, the Rweenzori turaco birds and many more. There are few primates like the vervet monkeys, the black and white colobus monkeys which you will see especially during the forest walk.
Where to sleep on Mount Rwenzori

There are a few campsites where you can spend the night like the Ruboni community camp and the Rwenzori Turaco view campsite for the budget travelers. Those that are looking for a better place for accommodation can use hotels like mountains of the moon though it is located a bit far which means, you will spend a lot of time driving.

There is also the Bwamba Pass route. Walk i the foots of the earlier people who used to live in this region. See how they used to connect Fort-portal and Bundibugyo town before the roads were built.This was a touch 1,500m high trek over the northern Rwenzori Ridge and it takes you to visit bamboo forests and also gives you splendid views of the rift valley.

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