Gorilla safaris, Uganda gorilla trekking tours, Gorilla Safari holidays in Uganda, Rwanda & Congo

Mountain gorilla safaris in Africa are the most sought after wild animals trips by travelers world-wide. Gorillas make the 6th big animals that people travel for miles to search for in the wilderness. In Uganda, tourists can trek gorillas in bwindi Impenetrable national park and mgahinga national park. Whereas In gorilla safaris in Rwanda and Dr. Congo can take place in volcanoes national park and virunga national park respectively.

Popular Gorilla Safari Packages

Below are some of our most popular gorilla safaris and tour packages that AA Safaris and Tours ltd has to offer. Kindly note that these are sample gorilla safaris and tours.

3 Days Gorillas Safari Uganda

3 Days Rwanda Gorilla Safari

4 Days Gorilla Safari Rwanda

5 Days Uganda and Rwanda Gorilla Trekking

9 Days Uganda-Rwanda Gorilla Safari

Africa Gorilla Tracking 10 Days

All About Mountain Gorillas in Africa

Gorillas live in  groups which are headed by a silverback gorilla. The silverback is the head of the family that guides and protects the entire family. An adult gorilla weighs between 500 and 600 pounds and they are herbivores, therefore do not feed on fresh and thus cannot eat humans. Tourists who wish to trek gorillas  are only allowed to visit one group per day. Gorilla permit prices also varies in all of these three countries. The experience is almost the same, however for each time you meet the gorillas, it is a totally different experience, it is like meeting a different family of people.

Best time to trek gorillas or for a gorilla tour

Gorilla safaris are organized all year round. However the best time to see gorillas is during the months of June to September and December to February. This is  because these are the driest months in both Uganda, Rwanda and DR.Congo. However we also organize gorilla trips in the other months of as the rains can-not stop us from seeing the gorillas. With the ongoing climatic changes, we have to warn you that we do also receive rain even during the dry months, therefore those going for gorilla tour should always carry a rain coat.

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How many days do I need to trek gorillas?

Uganda and Rwanda gorilla safaris, tours and holidays start from 1 day tour to over 25 days safaris. The trips take you not only to see the gorillas, however to also visit other sites, like the mighty river Nile, Africa’s fresh water body Lake Victoria, the golden monkeys of mgahinga national park and volcanoes national park, the massive volcanoes that make up the 3 national parks that are home to of the mountain gorillas. AA Safaris and Tours ltd also takes you to visit some of the indigenous people of bwindi the Batwa.

Gorilla trek permits limits

Despite the fact , that gorilla safari parks are open to tourism, for purposes of conservation there is a limit of numbers.  Uganda gorilla permits are limited and its the same care in Rwanda and DR.Congo. In Uganda only 80 tourists are allowed to trek gorillas per day whereas in Rwanda there are only 80 permits available. Therefore, for larger groups above 6 people, we recommend that one books there gorilla tour at-least 6 months in advance. Children 15 years and below are not allowed to trek gorillas.

What do mountain gorillas eat.

Mountain gorillas are herbivores and they feed or eat over 200 different species of plants. There preferred part of the plants are fruits, although they also tend to fee on the roots, and stems and also the seeds in the drier months of the year. Read more. 

Gorilla groups/ families that you can visit,

As earlier mentioned gorillas live in in groups headed by the silverback , who guides the group. Uganda, has over 13 different groups because of being a home to half of the worlds’ remaining mountain gorillas. 10 gorilla families are habituated in Rwanda wheres 1 in available for visit in D.R . Congo. For more information about the gorilla families, follow this link.

Gorilla trekking or Gorilla Habituation experience in Uganda.

Gorilla trekking is the process through which you track the gorillas to meet them and spend 1 hour following them. Whereas for gorilla habituation, you spend 4 hours with the gorillas following them and taking pictures. Gorilla habituation experience is the process through which gorillas are tamed to get used to human presence. Gorilla habituation can take as long as 2 to 3 years. During a gorilla safari one can opt to trek or do the habituation experience. The habituation experience costs USD 1500 per permit per person. Read more about gorilla habituation experience 

Where to stay during gorilla safari holiday.

Hotels, lodges and accommodation is available closer to the different starting points and also in the nearby cities. AA safaris and tours ltd groups hotels into three categories, that is basic, moderate and luxury. Basic lodges range from no star to 2 star hotels and lodges. Budget hotels are lodges have shared showers, sometimes with no hot water, and the service is slow and basic.  Hotels grouped in the moderate category are basically 3 star facilities that are self-contained with hot water.  Luxury accommodations are grouped to be 4 to 5 star facilities, with international meals served, great services and usually with extra ordinary rooms. Please follow this link for some of the budget accommodations, moderate accommodations and luxury accommodations.

Gorilla safari permit fees, costs or prices in Uganda, Rwanda and DR.Congo.

Gorilla permit prices have had to change as time goes on. For example decade back a gorilla permit costed USD 300 and less, however today the prices have doubled or even tripled in come countries. Mountain gorilla safari permits prices differ in each country, and this is just the permit fees. The permit only allows you to enter the forest and national park to trek gorillas, but does not include transfers to the park and even overnight accommodation before the trek.   The Uganda gorilla permit cost USD 600 per person.  whereas the Rwanda gorilla permit cost USD 1,500 per permit. In DR. Congo a gorilla permit costs USD 400.

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