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Rwanda is a small landlocked nation within east central Africa, directly linked with Burundi. Even though Rwanda doesn’t have a coastline, the western part of the country has access to Lake Kivu. Rwanda doesn’t have railways however is connected through road network to the railway system of Uganda and Kenya. The majority of imports plus exports of Rwanda are routed through Mombasa in Kenya.

Mountain Gorillas

About 50 % of the mountain gorillas are believed to stay in the Virunga Mountains found in northern Rwanda. In 1978, Dr. Dian Fossey create a fund to research about mountain gorillas and also safeguard them against poachers. This committed work in due course cost the life of this American zoologist. In case you wish to go on a Gorilla safaris you will need to first register at  the regional parks office or book your safari atleast 3 months in advance.
Rwanda is the land of a thousand hills and is experiencing a tourism come back after destructive 1994 genocide. This country is divided by the stunning Rift Valley, and is dominated by a wide mountain range that stretches across the country from north to south. The Western border of the country looks over the stunning shoreline of Lake Kivu. The most commonly used languages in the country are French and Kinyarwanda although progressively English is now being especially among the numerous returnees from neighboring Uganda.
Kigali Rwanda’s capital is a beautiful well developed small city and it is here that most of the administrative offices are found. There are thrilling city tours conducted in Kigali that will take you to the various tourist and memorial sites. Additionally, Kigali is an ideal place to take care of all your financial and banking needs. There is a very well-organized network of mini-buses that are extremely timely and these make getting around Rwanda extremely easy. From the capital, these minibuses leave by the hour to different places across the country. Gisenyi, found on the border with the DR Congo, presents breathtaking sights of the active volcano found in Goma and this was previously a leading tourist destination. Moving on south, is Kibuye one of the most breathtaking places within Rwanda having beautiful views of Lake Kivu. This is where some of the worst violence of the Genocide where made; visiting the church in which thousands of people were killed is a very humbling and saddening experience. Near the Burundian border is Butare which hosts the national university of the country and also consequently hums with friendly students of multilingual.
After battling the 1994 crimes, Rwanda still presents evidence of what actually transpired throughout those One hundred days. Having said that, Rwanda is filled with a positive perspective. Any visit to this beautiful country is a lesson in humbleness; take a safari in Rwanda today for your personal experience!

Rwanda Attractions

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Rwanda has two memorials south of Kigali, both easy to get to as a day trip. The church at Nyamata, approximately 30 km from Kigali, was the event of a terrible massacre.