Budget accommodations, hotels and lodges in Bwindi.

Where to stay / budget hotels Bwindi;  Gorilla safaris in Uganda start very early in the morning, at 8 am  and therefore, in most cases its advisable for one to spend the previous night closer to the park. Basic accommodation or budget hotels are some of the cheap facilities, where one on a tight budget can stay at. These are clean, facilities, although with shared bathrooms. Below are some of the selected facilities, that we recommend for those on a tight budget, but would still wish to do a gorilla tour.   Please note that , you need to first know the gorilla family you are to trek before, making a decision on which facilities to trek. Gorilla trekking is grouped into regions, and these regions are 1 to 3 hours drive away from each other. It is always advisable to first secure the gorilla permit before deciding on where to stay, especially if you book your trip at the late.

List of recommended basic/ budget hotels Bwindi.

 Buhoma community bandas/ Buhoma 

One of the first and oldest budget lodge in Bwindi facility but good enough but good, clean and comfortable.  This is one of the best lodges were those on a very tight budget can stay. Buhoma Community Rest Camp is just at the gate of Bwindi impenetrable National Park, very close to the headquarters of the park where briefing is done.

The Lodge rooms

This lodge has both the self contained rooms and the no self contained rooms where by you have to use the outside bathrooms. There is a total of 6 safari tents that are self-contained and with a beautiful view of the thick Bwindi forest.

More to the tents are 2 self contained cottages facing the forest and if you are lucky, the gorillas might find you at the lodge as they sometimes wonder around and even get to the lodge. While here, you may have an opportunity to see the gorillas when they drop by at the lodge. More to those are the five twin cottage bandas, these are non-self-contained.

The tents sit on a raised platform while the cottage bandas are built using different locally available materials which they collected from the communities around. This African materials gives them that beauty and the uniqueness that the others don’t have. Read more.

Nkuringo campsite.

Nkuringo gorilla lodgeLocated on the edge of Bwindi in the southern sector also referred to as Nkuringo sector, is this beautiful facility. Nkuringo campsite is on e of the budget hotels in Bwindi with fully furnished rooms,and inside showers.  The lodge also has midrange facilities, however the basic rooms are referred to as Virunga terraces because the view that they have of the Virunga mountains.

The lodge has a main area with a restaurant and fully stocked bar for you beverages, wines and all alcoholic drinks. Just 6 minutes- walk away from the gorilla trek starting point of Nkuringo gorilla family. This budget hotel in Bwindi also close to the local communities of Bwindi. Visits to the Batwa community can be organized.

Camping at the grounds of the lodge is possible, however it is advisable to carry your own tents and camping gears.

Nkuringo campsite is the only budget lodge we recommend that is closer to the Bwindi park in the Nkuringo sector.

Nkuringo campsite / Nkuringo gorilla lodge prices
Double/Twin Cottage $80
Single Cottage $125
Children 4-16 $65
Camping $40


Kisoro Travelers rest camp.

Managed and owned by nature lodges Uganda , kisoro travelers rest if a budget hotels in Bwindi, that you can consider staying at during your gorilla trek Safari.  This Bwindi lodge is located in Kisoro town just a few minutes drive from Kisoro airstrip and 10 minutes drive from Mgahinga national park and 1 hours drive from Bwindi national park Rushaga sector park head quarters.  Therefore if you are trekking gorillas on Mgahinga park this is the a perfect budget hotel in Bwindi.

Kisoro Travelers rest campThe Rooms

There are about 12 rooms at this lodge and they are of quality standard with very clean and comfortable beds. Rooms are either singles for the solo travelers or doubles for the couples.     Rooms have got private verandas with chairs where you can sit and relax from and take a cup of coffee after a long day of in the jungle. You can read a book as enjoy the view of the surrounding mountainous environment.

Prices of rooms at Kisoro travelers rest.

  • Prices are on a per room basis.
ROOM TYPE Full Board Half Board Bed and Breakfast
Single room $115 $105 $90
Double room $160 $140 $110
Extra bed $55 $45 $30

Rushaga Gorilla camp.

rushaga gorilla camp Rushaga gorilla camp is located just walking distances from the park headquarters of Uganda wildlife authority.  It is one of the best budget hotel in Bwindi Rushaga sector for those trekking gorillas in this area.  Rushaga gorilla camp like all the lodges in Bwindi National park is 7-8 hours drive from Kampala, and just 35kms from Kisoro airstrip.

Rushaga gorilla camp has 12 facilities that can accommodate 0ver 20 people a day. The Lodge has a family room good for a family of 4 people and all rooms are self-contained.

Rushaga gorilla camp has camping grounds available for you to pitch tents.

Rushaga gorilla camps 2018-2019 rates
Pitch your own tent (pp) $45 $35 $25
Single Cabin $80 $70 $60
Double Cabins $120 $100 $80
Family Cottage (4 pp) $340 $300 $260