Hiking In the Gorilla Highlands – Mgahinga National Park

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Mgahinga-gorilla-trackingThe latest news reveals that Mgahinga national park has received some sort of developments and these developments involve making the park a lot more accessible  than it has been in the last so many years which has also hindered its prosperity in terms of tourism. Mgahinga national park is located in the South Western Uganda right at the border of Rwanda and Congo, also part of the Virunga massif. It is mainly occupied by mountains and different tree species along the steep slopes which makes it the perfect destination for hiking, you can go for mountain biking and for sure this is the most adrenaline pumping destination you can ever visit.

Although Mountain Gorilla tracking is key activity here, Mgahinga national park offers a very rewarding nature walk which takes you through the amazing and thick gorge located along the steep slopes of the famous Mt Sabinyo.  A nature walk in Mgahinga can be compared to volcano hike, it takes duration of about 5 to 6 hours, and it offers that very beautiful scenery as well as a really tough and rough mountain to hike. In an effort to make this a bit easy for everyone, 6 Uganda Wildlife Authority officials spearheaded by Moses Turinawe who is park warden made several amazing improvements in this at the beginning of this month and their work included constructing 4 walkways and work on the wood bridges so that people can access places that are somewhat difficult to access.

Following this improvement, we can recommend this nature walk more to tourists now that there these bridges and will for sure have an amazing time. This walk takes you through the bamboo forested area, then head down to that narrow valley located between destroyed volcano’s tooth roots. You can follow the running stream from which the plants feed and help to moist the rocks.

Mgahinga can be rated as the most amazing national park when it comes to nature walks since it has a lot to offer to travelers, it is also the only place to visit if you wish to do golden monkey trekking in Uganda. You can find this type of monkeys nowhere else in Uganda unless you cross over to Rwanda’s volcanoes national park. You can visit Mgahinga any time of the year, AA safaris and tours can organize this trip for you or your group and you will not be disappointed.

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