Gorilla Habituation experience in Bwindi

Gorilla habituation experience another life time experience and bucket list worthy activity that allows you to spend 4 hours with the Gorillas on Bwindi forest national park in the Rushaga section.

Bwindi national park is home to 50% of the world’s remaining mountain gorillas and it currently has 13 Habituated gorilla families and 2 more gorilla families are still under habituation. Gorilla safaris are the major reasons as to why mos people travel to Uganda.  The habituation is the process through which gorillas are tamed to get used to human presence. Such that a particular gorilla family can be visited during gorilla treks every day. Currently there are two gorilla families that are being habituated in Rushaga area and these are Bushaho and Biking group.

The process of habituation gorillas, involves park rangers, following a particular gorilla family and spending 4 hours with them on a daily basis. In the dues course, the learn about the individual behaviours of each gorilla in the family and thus they end up naming the gorillas according to their character. This takes some time and it can take as many years as possible.

The difference between gorilla trekking and gorilla habituation experience.

Both gorilla trekking ad habituation experience are very unique and can-not be found elsewhere in the world. However, the difference is in the hours you spend following and learning about a particular gorilla family. Gorilla habituation experiences allows you 4 hours with the gorillas whereas gorilla trekking allows you 1 hour with the gorillas. 8 clients are allowed to trek a particular gorilla family per day. However, for the habituation process only 4 tourists are allowed per day.  Gorilla habituation experience permit costs USD 1500 per person whereas the gorilla trekking permit costs USD 600 each.

Uganda gorilla permits whether for habituation permits or gorilla trek permits are booked through the Uganda wildlife authority. Tour operators are readily available to help you with the reservation of your gorilla permits.

Is gorilla habituation experience possible in Rwanda or D.R.Congo?.

Unfortunately, despite the fact that Rwanda and DR. Congo have gorillas the habituation experience is only possible in Uganda. Rwanda has a private gorilla experience which is almost the same as gorilla habituation experience in Uganda. The private gorilla trekking in Rwanda allows you to privately trek a gorilla family, without allowing other clients to join you. This is a gorilla experience for those who love their privacy and also have the money to pay for privacy. The private gorilla experience allows you to spend one hour with the gorillas and  costs USD 15,000 per group.gorilla habituation experience

Sample Uganda gorilla habituation experience safari.

Day 1: Arrive Entebbe International Airport.

Meet and greet at Entebbe airport and then transfer to your hotel in Kampala.

Overnight at Cassia Lodge.

Day 2: Transfer to Bwindi.

Today you drive to Bwindi or you can opt to fly to Bwindi.  Arriving the park in the evening. Overnight at Gorilla safari lodge

Day 3: Gorilla habituation experience.

In the morning right after breakfast, transfer to the park headquarters and for briefing. After you will embark on the trail in search of the gorillas o spend 4 hours following them.

Day 4: Drive back to Kampala.

In the morning right after, breakfast, you wild rev to transfer back to Kampala. End of Tour.