Visit Gisenyi’s beautiful hot springs

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Rwanda-hotspringsThere are 3 different hot springs in the area and so you can choose to visit one of them on your Rwanda cultural tour since they are similarly interesting places to visit. They include Nyamyumba hot spring which is located 7km away from the Gisenyi town along the route to Kigufi. It is a very fascinating place to visit and attracts so many people more so the locals who believe that this water has got various healing powers and all you need to do is take a birth in this water.

With a local guide, you will get you to the hot springs where there are small pools of boiling water which is oozing out of the ground. But just like the case is with all the other hot springs, it is still not really clear how this water happens to be an healing agent but it is believed that this hot water oozing out is hot because of the fact that it running through a hot ground which is as a result of the high temperature caused by the Congo’s active volcanoes mountains located so close by.

You can visit place any time you are in Gisenyi between the hours of 8am to 6pm to relax, swim, unwind may be and you can also get a massage from one of the trained locals. There is the hottest spot where you can boil eggs as an experiment; lots of people believe that preparing food from this water is safer than it is done at home.

The Bugarama hot springs

This place is a great detour for during a Rwanda cultural tour. Bugarama hot spring is also known as Nyakabuye hot spring lying at the bottom of a limestone quarry 60km from Cyangugu. There are usually so many local swimming in the clear water and if you are camping in a close by area, you can always go swimming in the night after all the locals have returned to their homes. This is also an amazing and really spectacular that you can visit any time you are on a Rwanda tour.

Swimming in this water has real benefits for example; this water was scientifically proved to heal muscle disorders. It contains minerals like potassium chloride, sodium calcium sulphate, chloride, lithium sulphate, and phosphate, there is magnesium chloride and a lot more in varying quantities and all these contain a lot of medicinal values that the bodies need.

The Mashyuza hot springs also called the Mashuza hot springs are in the western province. People go there for the same experience and fun as they get from the other hot springs.

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