Visit the Sango Bay-Musambwa Island-Kagera Wetland System

This wetland system is some kind of mosaic type of wetland found in the Lake Victoria region. This wetland is one of Uganda’s biggest swamp forest in Uganda covered with a large papyrus swamp, in some parts there are herbaceous swamps that intersperse with a few palms. There are grasslands that are seasonally flooded, some parts are sandy, others are rocky as well as the forest shores. Around this wetland, you will find the three rocky islands, they are located only 3 km away from the shores of the lake into this Sango Bay.

The vegetation cover

This place is located at the point where the vegetation transitions from between the usual East and West African type of vegetation zones, there is this biogeographically organic compound that helps to ensure a very rich biodiversity.

Significance of this wetland system
Supports Bird life

This place supports a big population of bird species especially the water bird species and according to the records, this place host averagely 16.5% of the entire Grey-headed Gulls population also called the Larus cirrocephalus.

Game and primate watching

Aside from the birds, this place hosts quite a big number of the globally recognized endangered animals which include the Elephants, there are primates like the Black and White Colobus Monkey, the vervet Monkey. Game viewing is one of the most amazing activities that are done by many tourists that visit Sango bay.

Fishing for spot and commercial purposes.

This is a great spot for fishing. Local people do fish for their own home consumption and also for sell to earn some cash therefore it is a source of income.

There are also medicinal plants and the medicinal men, locals too go to collect those herbs and use them to heal a number of illnesses.

The surrounding land has that fresh grass which is good for grazing since locals do keep herds of cattle and unfortunately, they have occasionally over exploited this resource.

The Sango Bay forests so far has not had any serious immediate threats and the forest reserves turns out to be great retreat destinations for many people living in the neighboring communities.

This wetland is also a source of raw materials for building and making crafts work like papyrus and water that people use when building up their houses, when making craft works like out locally made luxurious sofa chairs and also mattresses.

It is in Sango bay that the sangoan culture tools where discovered and thus named after Sango bay in Masaka. The site contained artifacts that dated about 200,000 years ago.

The Musambwa Island is a great tourism destination especially since it is better in terms of accessibility.